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New York Episcopal
Federal Credit Union

Meeting the needs of the people in and those served by the Diocese of New York, with a focus on the underbanked, unbanked, and marginalized within our Community.


Guided by a Credit Union Task Force, we have worked hard to create an independent, federally-insured credit union to support our parishes, parishioners, and the participants in our programs and services across the Episcopal Diocese of New York.

Within the vision for the Credit Union as described above, the New York Episcopal Federal Credit Union’s mission is (a) to provide affordable banking services to low- to moderate-income members as well as those who are underbanked or unbanked, and (b) to provide programs and services that focus on financial literacy and financial education.

We will bring the vision and mission of the New York Episcopal Federal Credit Union to fruition through financially responsibility deposit and lending programs, educational services, ongoing stewardship of the funds entrusted to us, and an ever-present awareness of the fiduciary responsibility to our members.

Through a national online network, communities across the Diocese will be able to access basic services locally, in their own neighborhoods.

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