About Us

About the New York Episcopal Federal Credit Union

A Credit Union Task Force has guided the creation of an independent, federally accredited credit union to support our parishes, parishioners, and participants in our programs across the Diocese of New York.

We will open banking services to the underserved, while providing low-cost emergency loans and financial counseling. It will be independent and financially responsible.

Through a national online network, communities across the Diocese will be able to access basic services locally, in their own neighborhoods.

Credit Union
Board of Directors

The Rev. Canon Steven Lee
The Rt. Rev. Matthew F. Heyd
Mr. Douglas A. McIntyre
The Rev. Matthew Oprendek
The Rev. Winnie Varghese

Our Credit Union Team

The Rev. Deacon Bob Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Breed

Interim Chief Operations Officer

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Brittany Cox

Project Manager

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Kirk Kordeleski